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Tahitian Classic, Vanilla Fleur de Sel
July 14, 2020
Tahitian Gold Pure Vanilla Extract product
Tahitian Select, Pure Vanilla Extract
July 14, 2020

Tahitian Classic, Pure Vanilla Extract


*Due to the rarity of these beans at the moisture level needed to create extracts, this product is currently not available.

We craft our unsweetened pure vanilla extracts by cold-percolating finely-chopped Tahiti-grown vanilla beans (“Tahitian Classic”) at controlled temperatures to ensure a thorough extraction of their delicate flavor.  We pride ourselves that our extract harnesses the floral bouquet, fruity peaks, sweet flavor profile, and hints of cherry for which Tahiti-grown vanilla beans are celebrated. This makes our extract ideal for cream desserts, fresh fruit & fruit pastries, beverages, savory cream sauces, and more.

Chefs, pastry chefs, and vanilla connoisseurs love our Tahitian Classic’s versatility as they create delicious baked goods, chocolate, cream desserts, beverages, savory dishes, and much more. We keep our extracts unsweetened so that you can stay in control of the sweetness of your creations.



Weight N/A
Suggested Uses

Ideal for cream desserts, baked goods, fruit salads, smoothies and more.


Water, Alcohol (35%), Vanilla Bean Extractives

Storage Conditions

Close tightly to preserve freshness. Store away from excess heat and light.


3 years


KSA Kosher