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July 14, 2020

Tahitian Vanilla Sugar


We craft and age our Tahitian Vanilla Sugar using a delicate balance of organic cane sugar and a blend of the finest quality ground vanilla beans of Tahiti and Papua New Guinea. We grind these beans using our proprietary grinding process that highlights their respective flavor profiles. This offers our sugar not only its wonderful floral and fruity top notes and aromas which make it so special, but it also offers the visual appeal of vanilla bean flecks.

While you can use our vanilla sugar in the same way as you use plain sugar, our sugar offers you a new and delicious alternative. By sprinkling a little on fresh fruit, French toast, and cream desserts, for example, or by using it in your favorite hot or cold beverages, yogurt, whipped cream, and caramelized vegetables, you will experience the wonderful floral and fruity top notes and aromas of Tahitian vanilla.

Our sugar has long been recognized in the industry. In 2012, when we launched our Tahitian Vanilla Sugar at the Fancy Food Show, it received a Sofi Silver award for “Outstanding Cooking Sauce or Flavor Enhancer” from N.A.S.F.T.*

*National Association for the Specialty Food Trade Inc.

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Suggested Uses

Sprinkle over fresh fruit, crèmes, french toast, pancakes and crèpes. Savor in coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cereal, whipped cream, and more. Real vanilla makes everything better.


Organic Cane Sugar, Ground Vanilla Beans


2 years


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