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Vanilla Beans of Papua New Guinea
July 14, 2020

Vanilla Beans of Madagascar


These are grown and sun-cured in Madagascar, which is by far the largest producer of vanilla beans in the world. Also known as “Bourbon” vanilla beans, they are available year-round.

Bourbon beans are known for their smooth, creamy, rich flavor profile and distinct aroma and silky notes. This is the result of the skills the Malagasy people have developed over more than a hundred years in growing, curing, calibrating, and conditioning their beans.

Chefs, pastry chefs, and vanilla connoisseurs love Bourbon vanilla beans’ versatility as they create delicious baked goods, chocolate, cream desserts, beverages, savory dishes, and much more.

A quick tip…
To get to the bean’s full potential after slicing and scraping, we recommend finely chopping the bean halves to maximize its flavor into your recipes. The whole bean is edible and most of the flavor actually comes from the pod itself. Enjoy!

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Vanilla Beans

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool dry place. DO NOT REFRIGERATE.


1 year


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