3-Bean Blend

The best of three worlds.

3-Bean Blend is the latest addition to our Whole Vanilla Bean Paste line of products. Unlike our 3-fold pastes, which are unsweetened, 3-Bean Blend is a single-fold strength, cane sugar based paste that contains less alcohol.

It has a unique flavor profile brought by meticulously merging both vanilla species, Vanilla planifolia and Vanilla tahitensis. It is a deep and rich vanilla paste with a nectar-like consistency; created by combining our ground vanilla beans from 3 different origins: Madagascar, Tahiti and Papua New Guinea.

By using our ground vanilla beans instead of extract, our 3-Bean Blend offers all of the flavor compounds contained within each bean. The result is a rich and full-bodied vanilla paste with flavorful specks of ground vanilla beans that also add great visual appeal.

Ideal for cream desserts, baked goods, chocolate, savory sauces, smoothies, cocktails, fruit salads and so much more.

Product Equivalency Chart

 Vanilla BeanPure Vanilla ExtractGround Vanilla BeansWhole Bean Paste 3X3-Bean blend 1X
1 Vanilla Bean (3g)1 tbsp3/4 tsp1 tsp1 tbsp
1 tsp extract1/31/4 tsp1/3 tsp1 tsp
1 tsp ground1-1/44 tsp1-1/4 tsp4 tsp
1 tsp paste 3X11 tbsp3/4 tsp1 tbsp
1 tsp 3-Bean blend 1X1/31 tsp1/4 tsp1/3 tsp