Ground Vanilla Beans

The result of a 2 week long ten-step process.

Tahitian Gold ground vanilla goes much further than whole vanilla beans and yields an unbelievable depth to my recipes.

Chef Keven Lee — My World On A Plate

We grind our beans using an innovative proprietary process.

Our search for this grinding process began in 2004 when we noticed that the available grinding processes resulted in poor quality ground vanilla beans that were too dry. The commonly used processes actually seemed to have depleted many of the finer qualities of the vanilla beans being ground. We knew there had to be a better way, and we began to seek it out. After years of research and development, we discovered a process that utilizes both old and new technologies.

To our delight, it became apparent to us that this new innovative grinding process offered many advantages —

  • Firstly, we believe it enhances the richness and flavor of the beans we grind and enhances the finer qualities of freshly cured vanilla beans;
  • Secondly, the resulting increased potency, plus the added surface area of ground beans, greatly accelerates and maximizes the infusion of vanilla's flavor into your recipes;
  • Thirdly, by using the entire vanilla bean, we capture all of the bean’s flavor compounds; and
  • Finally, our ground beans offer greater value than using the traditional cut/scrape method of using whole vanilla beans.

Because of this, our ground beans have become the foundation for our other specialty vanilla products. This has made our ground beans the crown jewel of our specialty vanilla products, and has gained the reputation amongst some elite chefs as their “best kept secret.”


This is by far hands down the best ground vanilla I have ever used. Or perhaps I should state that this vanilla is more of an experience!

From the moment the lid was opened, I was greeted by the first delightful scent of vanilla. I could only describe it as inescapably heady and luscious. Its scent was so rich and deep that it made me excited to experience it in baking!

I have used it in everything from sweet and savory sauces to cookies, cakes and hot chocolate. No matter how I used it, it brought an infusion of that rich fragrance to every item I created.

In a world of over-stimulation and too-muchness, this vanilla is a treasure to savor.

Christine Cannon — Co-Founder of Half n Half, The Confectioner Society


Product Equivalency Chart

 Vanilla BeanPure Vanilla ExtractGround Vanilla BeansWhole Bean Paste 3X3-Bean blend 1X
1 Vanilla Bean (3g)1 tbsp3/4 tsp1 tsp1 tbsp
1 tsp extract1/31/4 tsp1/3 tsp1 tsp
1 tsp ground1-1/44 tsp1-1/4 tsp4 tsp
1 tsp paste 3X11 tbsp3/4 tsp1 tbsp
1 tsp 3-Bean blend 1X1/31 tsp1/4 tsp1/3 tsp