A difference you can taste.

Our Whole Vanilla Bean Pastes are made using entire vanilla beans ground finely for a robust and full-bodied flavor. They are more heat tolerant and three times as potent as a traditional single-fold vanilla extracts. Our pastes disperse easily and are ideal for wet applications, batters, doughs and whenever flavor is needed instantly without time for infusion.

I've used different vanilla extracts and different vanilla pastes from respected vanilla companies.

Tahitian Gold Company has the thickest of pastes I've yet to use, which makes for more vanilla flavor. The flavor is as good as any that one can find, and the customer service is above and beyond what most get elsewhere.

It's been a pleasure all around.

Billy Sussky — Co-owner— Hoodoo Ice Cream


Product Equivalency Chart

 Vanilla BeanPure Vanilla ExtractGround Vanilla BeansWhole Bean Paste 3X3-Bean blend 1X
1 Vanilla Bean (3g)1 tbsp3/4 tsp1 tsp1 tbsp
1 tsp extract1/31/4 tsp1/3 tsp1 tsp
1 tsp ground1-1/44 tsp1-1/4 tsp4 tsp
1 tsp paste 3X11 tbsp3/4 tsp1 tbsp
1 tsp 3-Bean blend 1X1/31 tsp1/4 tsp1/3 tsp