Every chef is an artist and we see our specialty products as a painter sees paint on a palette. Just as a painter mixes the colors to paint, so too does a chef use and combine ingredients to create his/her masterpiece. We see our specialty products as vibrant "colors" for chefs to create their masterpieces.

Our Ground Vanilla Beans
All of our specialty products contain our signature ground vanilla beans. We believe that our proprietary grinding process enhances the flavor of the beans we grind. This is what makes our ground vanilla beans so distinctive and our specialty vanilla products so popular.

Our blends…
Some of our specialty products are blends of different types of beans. This offers us the opportunity of creating new exciting flavor profiles. In turn, this offers chefs and connoisseurs fresh opportunities to enhance their distinctive dishes.


Our passion is vanilla and its intriguing and seductive flavors and fragrances.

Our focus is on the distinctive flavor profiles of vanilla's two commercial species — Vanilla tahitensis and Vanilla planifolia.

Our goal is to be the vanilla supplier of choice for connoisseurs and anyone intrigued and enchanted by vanilla’s magic and different flavor profiles.

Our strategy is to continue to offer innovative specialty vanilla products.

Our commitment is to offer only top-quality vanilla products that deliver vanilla’srich, bold and wholesome goodness, while also offering increased value by allowing the use of smaller quantities to achieve rich flavor. "A little goes a long way…"

3-Bean Blend Whole Vanilla Bean Paste


Vanilla Beans of Tahiti, Tahitian Classic


Pure Vanilla Extract Papua New Guinea, Tahitian Select