Our specialty vanilla products focus on the distinctive flavor profiles of vanilla’s only two commercial species - Vanilla planifolia and Vanilla tahitensis. Manuata Martin, President & CEO
Vanilla planifolia

It is the most common and commercially grown around the world and is mostly cultivated in Madagascar, Uganda, Indonesia and India. It is known for its smooth, creamy and rich flavor profile. It is delicious in baked goods, chocolate, cream desserts, beverages, savory dishes and much more.

Madagascar is by far the largest and oldest commercial vanilla-producing country. Its Bourbon vanilla beans are known for their distinctly rich aroma and silky notes. This is the result of the skills the Malagasy people have developed over a hundred years in growing, curing, calibrating and conditioning their beans.

Vanilla tahitensis

This species is commercially grown only in Tahiti and Papua New Guinea and demands a warmer climate than Vanilla planifolia to thrive. It is known for its floral and fruity notes and enhances the sweetness of foods and beverages thus allowing for the use of less sugar. Often used with fresh fruit, cream desserts, baked goods, beverages, savory cream sauces and more.

Chefs and pastry chefs particularly enjoy Vanilla tahitensis grown in Tahiti for its top floral bouquet and fruity notes that are extra-vibrant and robust. Its flavor is immense and luxurious. Unlike Vanilla planifolia the taste is more pronounced. It is unmistakably stronger with a more immediate impact on the palate.

Vanilla tahitensis grown in Papua New Guinea is an excellent alternative to Tahiti-grown vanilla beans. Although milder in the top notes, it has more natural vanillin than Tahiti-grown vanilla beans.



Bourbon Premium’s smooth, creamy and rich flavor profile is comforting, versatile and enhances other flavors. The most commonly used vanilla in the world, Its applications are endless…


Tahiti-grown vanilla beans are defined by their delicate floral, fruity and sweet flavor profile with tropical base notes and luxuriant cherry-like top notes that naturally enhance sweetness and help round off the tartness and acidity in fruits and foods.


Papua New Guinea grown vanilla shares a similar floral, fruity and sweet flavor profile with Tahitian grown vanilla. This vanilla has full-bodied, raisin-like base notes with slight fruity top notes that naturally enhance sweetness and help round off the tartness and acidity of fruits and foods.