Our Gold Standard

Our goal is to be the vanilla supplier of choice for connoisseurs and anyone intrigued and enchanted by vanilla’s magic and its different flavor profiles.

Our strategy is to offer specialty vanilla products of unsurpassed quality and value.

Our focus is on the distinctive flavor profiles of vanilla's two commercials species — Vanilla tahitensis and Vanilla planifolia.

Our passion is vanilla and its intriguing and seductive flavors and fragrance.

Our commitment to quality is to offer only top-quality vanilla products that deliver vanilla’s rich, bold and wholesome goodness, while also providing our customers top quality service.

Our commitment to value is to offer specialty vanilla products that are concentrated thus allowing chefs to use smaller quantities to achieve rich flavor — thereby offering added value.

Specialty Vanilla Products

Our gifts to chefs…
In addition to offering vanilla beans and pure vanilla extracts, we create specialty vanilla products for chefs to produce distinctive dishes that offer depth, richness and bold flavor.

What makes our products different?
Our ground beans, for example, are the result of a proprietary grinding process developed over many years that we believe has actually enhanced the richness and flavor of the beans we grind. Then, because we include our ground beans in our vanilla bean paste, salt and sugar, those products become a part of our specialty line too.

Our blends…
Our other specialty products include customized blends of the two species, thereby combining their different flavor profiles and getting the best of both worlds. This results in a new class of specialty vanilla products that will assist chefs in creating their distinctive dishes.