This is by far hands down the best ground vanilla I have ever used. Or perhaps I should state that this vanilla is more of an experience! From the moment the lid was opened, I was greeted by the first delightful scent of vanilla. I could only describe it as inescapably heady and luscious. Its scent was so rich and deep that it made me excited to experience it in baking!

I have used it in everything from sweet and savory sauces to cookies, cakes and hot chocolate. No matter how I used it, it brought an infusion of that rich fragrance to every item I created. In a world of over-stimulation and too-muchness, this vanilla is a treasure to savor.

Christine Cannon — Co-Founder of Half n Half, The Confectioner Society
I've used different vanilla extracts and different vanilla pastes from respected vanilla companies.

Tahitian Gold Company has the thickest of pastes I've yet to use, which makes for more vanilla flavor. The flavor is as good as any that one can find, and the customer service is above and beyond what most get elsewhere.

It's been a pleasure all around.

Billy Sussky — Co-owner— Hoodoo Ice Cream
Just describing the flavor could never do it justice. Chef Keven Lee — My World On A Plate
Vanilla is not limited to just sweets. Its applications in savory are endless and add a whole new dimension in flavor for anyone wanting to create something extra special and quite delicious. Chef Christophe Bernard — Academic Chair AICA–LA