"At Tahitian Gold, our competitive advantage is our commitment

to providing specialty vanilla products of the highest quality,

while also providing our customers with superior value"

– Manuata Martin, President & CEO




We're All About The Entire Bean

A vanilla bean has more than 300 flavor compounds. We believe
the ultimate way to experience these compounds is to use the entire bean.






Consider The Outer Shell
For example, 75% of a vanilla bean's flavor is in its outer shell – and not just in and around its seeds. That’s where all of the exciting part of the flavor is – in the pulp itself. That’s why using the whole bean in all its wondrous magic plays such a large role in creating the superior quality we offer throughout our line of products.
Capturing Vanilla's Essence
To capture vanilla’s essence and magic, we've developed a complex proprietary process to grind vanilla beans at low temperatures. This retains and preserves the oils and flavors of moist and aromatic vanilla beans. These ground beans have now become the foundation for many of our specialty vanilla products. It is our crown jewel.


New & Distinct Flavor Profiles
To further develop our competitive advantage, we’ve begun to create a range of specialty vanilla products with their own new and distinctive flavor profiles. We accomplished this by blending ground beans from different parts of the world and combining the distinctive flavor profile that each has.
A Little Goes A Long Way
Finally, we’ve achieved our goal in providing superior value by concentrating many of our products which results in a little of our product going a long way. This provides users with much greater value while also being more price-competitive.