The Tahitian Connection


Manuata Martin, Tahitian Gold’s CEO and Founder, often jokes that he and his family have always had Tahiti and its vanilla in their veins. And it’s easy to understand why: Their family’s roots in this South Pacific island paradise trace back to the early 1760s.

Over the years, his family played an important role in Tahiti’s development. They were not only involved in creating the island’s first electrical and telecommunications networks, they were also prominent in the island’s beverage and distribution industries. And their influence continues in various forms to this day.

Manu still remembers when his mother first introduced him to vanilla’s magic. She explained how the world’s rarest and most sought-after vanilla beans were grown in Tahiti—and how vanilla was grown and cultivated. As she did, Manu was intrigued to learn the vanilla bean began as an orchid bloom and how it had to be hand-pollinated on the day it opened. He was fascinated that the flower and the green beans were odorless—until the sun heated the beans.

He still fondly remembers his mother’s love for finding innovative ways to use vanilla in her incredible dishes and beverages. This explains his passion for creating new innovative specialty vanilla products.

So, this is how he became attracted to vanilla’s magic—and how his passion for vanilla grew steadily over the years. And this also explains the value he placed on the Tahitian culture as he created his new business.