Whole Vanilla Bean Paste


We make two types of whole bean paste vanilla. Common to each is that we use every bit of the bean by using our proprietary grinding process. By grinding the beans while they are moist and full of flavor, this makes each of our pastes quite distinctive and flavorful. Our pastes are easy to use and are more heat-tolerant than pure vanilla extract and disperse evenly with specks of ground vanilla for bold visual appeal.

Our “3-Bean-Blend” is a single-fold paste in which we blend our signature ground beans from three origins—Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, and Tahiti. We’ve created a distinctive new flavor profile that beautifully combines Bourbon’s vanilla’s rich, smooth, and creamy notes with the delicate floral, fruity, and sweet notes of Tahitian vanilla. The result is a Madagascar-dominant paste with a uniquely luxuriant flavor profile that is robust, sweet and creamy. It is non-GMO sugarcane-based with specks of ground vanilla that has visual appeal and unmatched flavor. This has become one of our most popular products.

I couldn’t be more impressed with the new 3-Bean Blend created by Tahitian Gold’s magicians. Its distinctive new flavor profile offers something in a vanilla product that really delighted me and has truly taken my pastries and baked goods to a new level. Author — Title or company

Our triple-fold pastes are unsweetened and single-origin from either Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, or Tahiti. They are simply infused in a water and alcohol mixture. This results in a bold and full-bodied paste three times the strength of pure vanilla extract. This offers greater value since a little goes a long way with more flavor to savor—and less weight to ship.

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